Institute for Developing Across Differences

Course - 2023 IDD-ICCF Middle Eastern Learning Lab & Community (Mini) Week​

Reducing Cross-Cultural Tensions
- Sherifa M.B.E. Fayez, Annette Gisevius

This one-day, techniques-focused course is designed for those seeking to improve cooperation and performance when working with diverse stakeholders — especially in team or group settings

You will active part in theory-grounded, highly engaging techniques that can be used in various settings (classrooms, departmental meetings, etc) to help cohorts made up of diverse members be more inclusive and, as a result, more effective … and with fewer misunderstandings. 

Additionally, the instructors (based in Egypt and Germany respectively) will emphasize and demonstrate working across Arab and non-Arab cultures with these methods. 


Hands-on Tips & Insights


1 day/4 Oct 2023


New or Experienced Trainers, Educators & All Professionals focused on group interactions


includes certificate from IDD

Maja possesses unprecedented skills in empowering learners: she has personally designed a workshop in rhetorical self-defense for young Roma students, teaching them to speak out against discrimination. Out of the ten days training received, participants ranked Dr. Nenadovic’s training as the best and the most interactive in terms of learning and skills.
Open Society1
Roma Initiatives of the Open Society Foundation
Budapest, Hungary

Neuroscience is often considered a topic beyond the reach of daily practitioners, many of whom may not have a background in the hard sciences. While a general understanding of ?human biology and physiology? is helpful, and we will touch on the anatomy and chemistry involved, the core concepts we will address do not require a specialized understanding in this area.


While this course is open to all practitioners, it is strongly recommended that you have:

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If you are a member of Qatar’s Education City, please do not register through the IDD website. Instead, contact us at and we’ll put you in touch with your local representative.

For all other participants, simply visit our registration page and complete your enrollment application online.