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Course - 2023 IDD-ICCF Middle Eastern Learning Lab & Community (Mini) Week

Facilitating Intercultural Discovery - Dr. Nagesh Rao

person looking at a brilliant display of stars in the night sky plus the text Facilitating Intercultural Discovery: Mindset, Behavior & Skills - Dr. Nagesh Rao (and photo of) - 4 Oct

What is the cultural significance of the everyday situations and objects that we simply take for granted? How might this significance be different for those whose backgrounds vary from our own?  How do these differences impact our interactions?

This course will help you see the familiar in new ways and creatively challenge your assumptions so that you can better empathize with the different perspectives that surround you in your everyday environment.

In addition to mentoring and coaching expertise, Dr. Nagesh Rao has led sustainable campus-wide intercultural competence development and diversity and inclusion programs/systems in higher education around the world.


Hands-on Tips & Insights


1 day/4 Oct 2023



New or Experienced Trainers, Educators & All Professionals 



includes certificate from IDD

"Nagesh Rao is an amazing teacher. "
– 2022 course participants

Neuroscience is often considered a topic beyond the reach of daily practitioners, many of whom may not have a background in the hard sciences. While a general understanding of ?human biology and physiology? is helpful, and we will touch on the anatomy and chemistry involved, the core concepts we will address do not require a specialized understanding in this area.


While this course is open to all practitioners, it is strongly recommended that you have:

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