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“First, do no harm…” What’s really required?

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What’s really required for effective Developing Across Differences work?  How do we avoid doing more harm than good when time, circumstances and other considerations are less than ideal?

Join us for a series of six 45-minute conversations on this timely topic + info session with the IDD’s 2024 Developing Across Differences Learning Lab & Community Week faculty members — all of whom will lead courses at our 3rd annual advanced training, community, and knowledge creation event on 7-13 July 2024.

Developing across differences (DAD) is an ongoing — lifelong, even — process. Yet we live in a time of quick fixes and check-box solutions.

With this in mind, we ask the experts:

What does it take to have truly meaningful interventions . . . and if and when is the better option to decline an opportunity rather than engage and potentially cause “more harm”?

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24 Apr

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NADINE BINDER Psychologist, lecturer, trainer, researcher and certified coach Dr. Nadine Binder specializes in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, intercultural communication and global leadership, personal leadership, and mental health awareness. Nadine co-leads the MOVING PAST THE PAST: OVERCOMING INEQUALITY course.

ANJANA SINGH  Modern historian Dr. Anjana Singh’s research focuses on the peoples of Eurasia through various lenses.  Her latest research is on global and local history on Dutch slavery and the slave trade, specifically the City of Groningen’s global connections to it. Anjana co-leads the MOVING PAST THE PAST: OVERCOMING INEQUALITY course.

9 Apr

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DARLA DEARDORFF  Head of the  Association of International Education Administrators, Dr. Darla Deardorff specializes in cross-cultural scholarship and training, assessment and evaluation, teacher/faculty preparation/development, curriculum internationalization, and global leadership. The intercultural competence models developed from her research are widely used. Darla leads the EDUCATING GLOBAL-READY GRADUATES course.

MICHAELA CARRIÈRE  In addition to being Intercultural Competence Section Head and Lead Trainer, Michaela Carrière manages the University of Groningen’s Office of Diversity. Building on past initiatives that support the intercultural learning within international student mobility programmes, she is currently developing a university-wide diversity and inclusion certification program. Michaela leads the EXPANDING THE REPERTOIRE (DEI + IC) course and co-leads the DESIGNING INCLUSIVE, INTERCULTURAL ORGANISATIONS course.

21 Mar THU

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NAGESH RAO  An accomplished DEI trainer, coach, consultant and professor, Dr. Nagesh Rao uses intercultural competence, cultural humility, storytelling and intercultural listening to develop leaders in business, education and healthcare/medicine. Nagesh leads the CULTURALLY-ADAPTIVE COACHING AND MENTORING course and co-leads the DESIGNING INCLUSIVE, INTERCULTURAL ORGANISATIONS course.

ANNETTE GISEVIUS  Professor Gisevius is a master trainer, content designer, and certified coach who brings serious fun and interactive learning methods to intercultural competence development. With a focus is on cultural awareness, cultural conflict styles and experiential learning in non-classroom settings, she has pioneered programmes on three continents and designs/runs intercultural trainer certificate courses. Annette co-leads the REDUCING CROSS-CULTURAL TENSIONS course.

13 Mar

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NENE MOLEFI  Nene Molefi is recognized internationally for her work leading large-scale organisational culture initiatives in which corporations and government entities successfully transform themselves to diversity their (senior) stakeholder makeup while also promoting inclusion and greater equity. She is co-author of the widely acclaimed Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion BenchmarksTM. Nene leads the COLLABORATIVE DEI (ADVANCED) and DEI & KEY TOOLS (INTRODUCTION TO THE GDEIB) courses.

MILTON BENNETT  Thanks to his four decades of seminal contributions —including the groundbreaking Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity (DMIS)— intercultural development holds a core position within the greater Differences field. Dr. Bennett continues to innovate and has recently introduced a new instrument designed to assess and support organizational-level intercultural competence. Milton leads the BUILDING INTERCULTURAL VIABILITY(TM) IN ORGANISATIONS course.

28 Feb WED

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MAI NGUYEN   Dr. Mai Nguyen is an expert and independent consultant widely known for bridging intercultural communication and neuroscience in organizational settings, and making these complex concepts accessible to practitioners in academic and corporate settings alike. Mai leads the  APPLYING NEUROSCIENCE and  BRAIN SCIENCE & DIVERSITY courses.

SHERIFA M.B.E. FAYEZ  Talented trainer and leader of Egypt’s longest-running nonprofit dedicated to intercultural learning for youth and adults, Sherifa Fayez’s work as an educator aims at lifting the veil of the pervasive reductionist perspectives on the Middle East and elsewhere in the Global South and promoting active global citizenship as a practice in everyday settings. Sherifa co-leads the REDUCING CROSS-CULTURAL TENSIONS course.

19 Feb MON

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MAJA NENADOVIĆ  A political education, formal debate coach and human rights trainer, Dr. Nenadović has worked for over 20 years with both those who use discriminatory and hate speech rhetoric—and those who are targeted by it—to create a field-tested methodology for defusing and redirecting inflammatory encounters. Maja leads the ADDRESSING HOT GLOBAL TOPICS LOCALLY and DEPOLARISING DIALOGUE courses.

JANA HOLLÁ  With an academic background in Cultural Anthropology and clients ranging from SIEMENS and Procter & Gamble to The American University in Cairo, Dr. Jana Hollá’s 20+ years of interventions explore the nature of difference, knowledge and learning as a means of developing individuals, teams and organizations to build effective, meaningful working relations across cultures and differences. Jana leads the INTERSECTIONS course.

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