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You may still enroll (up to 15 June) for the following courses:

To register on or after 6 June, simply email for instructions. NB: Official registration happens through the University of Groningen’s enrollment system.


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Please note that refunds are not available except in the case of course cancelation by the DAD organisers. 

Click on the course title for full details about the course, pre-requisites, & faculty.

DAD Faculty 2022 MAI NGUYENAPPLYING NEUROSCIENCE: Using neuroscience to foster workplace inclusion, diversity,  personal leadership – Dr. Mai Nguyen 22-24 June   3 days  €1450

DAD Faculty 2022 MILTON BENNETTBUILDING INTERCULTURAL VIABILITY(TM) IN ORGANIZATIONS: The Development of Collective Intercultural Adaptability – Dr. Milton Bennett 22-24 June  3 days  €1450

DAD 2022_ Faculty - Dr. Jana Hollá

INTERSECTIONS LIGHT (3-DAYS): Intersections Light (3-days): Leveraging connections between 2 of 4 key Differences narratives for greater impact: Intercultural Communication and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Dr. Jana Hollá with guest experts 22-24 June  3 days  €1450

DAD Faculty 2022 MAJA NENADINOVIĆC(DE)POLARISING DIALOGUE: Developing practical strategies to defuse polarization and increase impact – Dr. Maja Nenadović – 20-21 June  2 days  €975

DAD 2022_ Faculty - Barry van Driel, PhD EXPERIENTIAL PERSPECTIVE-TAKING: Using the Memory Walk methodology to foster inclusion competencies Dr. Barry van Driel20 June  1 day  €500


CULTURALLY ADAPTIVE COACHING ACROSS DIFFERENCES: Why, what and how Dr. Nagesh Rao 21 June   1 day  €500





***Registration is closed for the following courses***



DAD 2022_ Faculty - Nadine Binder, PhDregistration closed  INTERSECTIONS (5-DAYS): Leveraging connections between 4 key Differences narratives for greater impact: Intercultural communication, Diversity, equity & inclusion, Global learning, and Global Competence – Dr. Nadine Binder with guest experts 20-24 June  5 days  €2000

registration closed  COLLABORATING THROUGH DEI: Advanced inclusion, diversity and anti-discrimination approaches within a global corporate/organisational context* – Nene Molefi  22-24 June   3 days  €1450

registration closed  BUILDING INCLUSIVE, INTERCULTURAL ORGANISATIONS: Implementing structural changes and personal development work for more inclusive, effective organisations Dr. Nagesh Rao, Drs. Michaela Carrière 22-24 June  3 days  €1450

DAD Faculty 2022 JANA HOLLÁ DAD Faculty 2022 SHERIFA FAYEZ registration closed  SHIFTING DEMOGRAPHICS: Navigating migration, diversity & interculturality in Europe—Focus on Arab communities – Dr. Jana Hollá, Sherifa M.B.E. Fayez – 20-21 June   2 days  €975

DAD 2022_ Faculty - Dr. Darla Deardorffregistration closed  ADVANCED TECHNIQUES: Fostering Intercultural & Global Competence for Deeper Personal Transformation – Dr. Darla Deardorff 20-21 June   2 days  €975

registration closed  GLOBAL LEARNING PEDAGOGIES: Integrating effective experiential processes and practices for classroom and workplace learning* – Gorik Van Helleputte, Dima Bou-Mosleh 20-21 June  2 days  €975

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