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Collaborating Through DEI

Advanced inclusion, diversity and anti-discrimination approaches within a global corporate/organisational context


Collaborative DEI—internally across all elements of the organisation as well as externally with customers and other stakeholders—serves two mutually reinforcing purposes that allow organisations to model what they aspire to achieve.

In this two-day Advanced Core course, you will be immersed in a highly interactive, hands-on learning experience to put collaborative diversity, equity, and inclusion into action within your organisation—or those of your clients. You’ll gain practical tools and processes for creating Psychological Safety and strategies for helping all your stakeholders act and lead inclusively within a global context.

Join this course so you, together with all stakeholders, can better participatively develop collaborative DEI strategies that align with evidence-based DEI best practices.


Advanced Core: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


2 days/22-23 June



Senior (20+ years)
Advanced (13-19 years)







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Maja possesses unprecedented skills in empowering learners: she has personally designed a workshop in rhetorical self-defense for young Roma students, teaching them to speak out against discrimination. Out of the ten days training received, participants ranked Dr. Nenadovic’s training as the best and the most interactive in terms of learning and skills.
Open Society1
Roma Initiatives of the Open Society Foundation
Budapest, Hungary
Maja has proven to be not only an effective communicator in diverse international contexts but also somebody who can inspire those around her.

She has developed new methodologies and approaches, and her participatory, inclusive and interactive approach to training and teaching only further evolves and advances her work.

She is a leader in her field and believe it is fair to say that she is one of the top trainers globally.
Anne Frank House
Anne Frank House
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Mai is an exceptionally intelligent and engaged professional in the field of intercultural communication. I admire her broad interest and conceptions of these fields and can recommend her strongly.
Albert Pilot, PhD
Researcher & Professor Emeritu

Neuroscience is often considered a topic beyond the reach of daily practitioners, many of whom may not have a background in the hard sciences. While a general understanding of ?human biology and physiology? is helpful, and we will touch on the anatomy and chemistry involved, the core concepts we will address do not require a specialized understanding in this area.


While this course is open to all practitioners, it is strongly recommended that you have:

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