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[Webinar] Info Session – 5 Apr:
Leveraging Interdisciplinary Intersections

Still deciding which courses might be right for you this July at the IDD’s 2023 European Developing Across Differences Learning Lab & Community Week in The Netherlands?

Join us for a 45-minute info session with faculty members Nene Molefi & Dr. Mai Nguyen on Wednesday, 5 April at 4PM GMT. (See your local time here.)

In addition to details about their classes plus ample time for Q&A, they’ll share how they borrow from multiple Differences narratives Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Anti-Discrimination, Intercultural Communication, and Global Learning — to make their work more impactful and sustainable.

Register below to get Zoom details and join the experts and colleagues online this April …then in-person this July.


Nene MolefiCOLLABORATIVE DEI: Advanced inclusion, diversity and anti-discrimination approaches within a global corporate/organisational context  –  Nene Molefi  –  12-13 July  2 days

Nene Molefi leads large-scale organisational culture initiatives in which corporations and government entities successfully transform themselves to diversity their (senior) stakeholder makeup while also promoting inclusion and greater equity. She is co-author of the widely acclaimed Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion BenchmarksTM, an INSEAD Global Talent Competitiveness Index international thought leader on Diversity and Inclusion, and is an advisor to the Auditor General of South Africa. She is known for helping participants navigate the difficult terrain of race and intersectionality in society and the workplace.

Mai NguyenUSING NEUROSCIENCE: To foster Personal Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion – Dr. Mai Nguyen  – 12-14 July   3 days

Dr. Nguyen is widely known for bridging intercultural communication and neuroscience in organizational settings, and making these complex concepts accessible to practitioners in academic and corporate settings alike. A professor and consultant whose textbooks that are currently used in universities worldwide, she is also an active researcher. 

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