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ΩNene Molefi | Mar 2023

Benefiting from Collaborative DEI: Corporations, Governments & NGOs

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How can organizations who are serious about making their environments more equitable by understanding and leveraging diversity and promoting inclusion engage in collaborative DEI activities that make an impact?

>> In Session 1 on Wednesday, Mar 15, using an in-depth case study approach, uncover actionable strategies, processes and tools that focus on both structural and personal change.

>> In Session 2 (optional) on Monday, Mar 27, Nene answers your questions on how to apply these to your specific situation.

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Join IDD Expert Nene Molefi to learn how collaborative DEI that spans the entire organization can help corporations, NGOs and governments to make a real impact and achieve their goals in relation to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Nene will draw upon her extensive global experience  of supporting large scale DEI initiatives, culture change, and transformation and share data points from specific case studies to demonstrate best practices in collaborative DEI.


Our After Hours: Around the Table with the Experts series features one or more distinguished faculty and is designed for global peers who want to go deeper to strengthen their own expertise. You can opt to take 1 or 2 Sessions with the Expert(s).

SESSION 1 – MARCH 15 – structured format*
>> Delve into the processes recommended for creating and constantly enhancing effective Diversity & Inclusion strategies

Nene Molefi will present strategies and tools that help those who want to put collaborative DEI into practice. You will…

  1. Reflect on your own blind spots related to Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion,
  2. Learn about collaborative DEI best practices that can support organizations to truly create more equitable environments, and
  3. Take away relevant materials and tools for use in your own work.

SESSION 2 (OPTIONAL) – MARCH 27 – conversational format*
>> Engage in in-depth Q&A and discussions directly with the Expert and fellow peers to “workshop” your challenges

Building on Session 1, this time is dedicated to answering your specific questions so that you can be more effective in the work that you lead. Join us to…

  1. Get answers to your burning question and hear the same from other peers – and how the Expert recommends addressing these challenges,
  2. Discuss practical applications and tactics in addition to strategies based on the particulars of your situation, and
  3. Take away a custom-curated references list from the Expert.

Recordings will be available for 7 days following each Session.

*See our FAQs for additional details.


Nene Molefi is a South Africa-based DEI expert recognized internationally for her work leading large-scale organizational culture initiatives in which corporations and government entities successfully transform themselves to diversity their (senior) stakeholder makeup while also promoting inclusion and greater equity.

Nene is co-author of the widely acclaimed Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion BenchmarksTM, serves on the board of The Centre for Global Inclusion, has been named in INSEAD’s Global Talent Competitiveness Index as an international thought leader on Diversity and Inclusion, and is an advisor to the Auditor General of South Africa. 

In addition to her company’s consulting work, she has facilitated dialogue sessions and courageous conversations with boards, executive committees & senior leadership around the world clients such as Google, Estée Lauder, TotalEnergies, Volkswagen, GlaxoSmithKline, and DeBeers. Nene is known for helping participants navigate the difficult terrain of race and intersectionality in society and their workplace.


Session 1 only – Mar 15 – 4-5:15pm GMT, Session 2 only – Mar 27 – 4-5:15pm GMT, Session 1+2 (10% discount)- Mar 15+27 – 4-5:15pm GMT

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