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ΩDr. Nagesh Rao | Jan 2023

DEI + Intercultural in Higher Education = Solutions that Work

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How can we help often fragmented and “under pressure” higher education institutions rapidly —yet sustainably— activate Diversity & Inclusion strategies that actually work?

>> In Session 1 on Thursday, Jan 19, using an in-depth case study approach, uncover actionable strategies, processes and tools that focus on both structural and personal change.

>> In Session 2 (optional) on Monday, Jan 30, Nagesh answers your questions on how to apply these to your specific situation.

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Join IDD Expert Nagesh Rao, PhD, to learn how unacknowledged misunderstandings and tensions about cultural/identity differences —exacerbated by a painful incident— propelled a large college in a US university to transform a ‘culture of silence’ around issues of diversity on campus into a culture of dialogue’ for students, faculty, staff and other stakeholders, and how the stakeholder-centered approaches he used to lead this change can work for your institution.

This session will use as a basis a comprehensive case study about Dr. Rao’s own work where he was asked to establish within a 12 month period a new Office of Inclusion in order to respond to the school’s immediate diversity and inclusion challenges, and to create a long-term inclusion strategy.


Our After Hours: Around the Table with the Experts series features one or more distinguished faculty and is designed for global peers who want to go deeper to strengthen their own expertise. You can opt to take 1 or 2 Sessions with the Expert(s).

SESSION 1 – JANUARY 19 – structured format*
>> Delve into the processes recommended for creating and constantly enhancing effective university and college Diversity & Inclusion strategies

Dr. Rao will present strategies and tools that help those working to better embrace the growing diversity of higher education institutions worldwide. You will…

  1. Learn how to bring on-board and cooperatively involve reluctant stakeholders in times of growing divisiveness,
  2. Better understand how personal development strategies must be aligned with policy solutions to create a long-term and sustained culture of change, and
  3. Take away relevant materials and tools for use in your own work.

SESSION 2 (OPTIONAL) – JANUARY 30 – conversational format*
>> Engage in in-depth Q&A and discussions directly with the Expert and fellow peers to “workshop” your challenges

Building on Session 1, this time is dedicated to answering your specific questions so that you can be more effective in the work that you lead. Join us to…

  1. Get answers to your burning question and hear the same from other peers – and how the Expert recommends addressing these challenges,
  2. Discuss practical applications and tactics in addition to strategies based on the particulars of your situation, and
  3. Take away a custom-curated references list from the Expert.

Recordings will be available for 7 days following each Session.

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Nagesh RaoNagesh Rao, PhDis an accomplished trainer, coach, consultant, professor and education leader who uses intercultural competence, cultural humility, storytelling and intercultural listening to develop leaders in health, education and business. He is currently the Chair, Department of Social Medicine and Chair, University International Council at Ohio University (US).  

In Nagesh’s three+ decades of teaching, consulting and training in the US, India (where he was President and Director of MICA in Ahmedabad) , Thailand, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, Argentina, Brazil, Norway and beyond, he has worked with clients in Fortune 500 corporations, top medical schools and hospitals, education institutions and community-based non-profit organizations.

Watch this video to get more background about Nagesh’s overall interests and expertise.


Session 1 only – Jan 19 – 4-5:15pm GMT, Session 2 only – Jan 30 – 4-5:15pm GMT, Session 1+2 (10% discount)- Jan 19+30 – 4-5:15pm GMT

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