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ΩDr. Mai Nguyen | Apr 2023

The Brain and Fear-Free Cross-Cultural Management

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How can workplaces and communities apply neuroscience insights to engage in fear-free cross-cultural management?

>> In one 2-hour Session on Monday, Apr 24, learn more about how the brain works and how to make the brain work for you – and for those you work with – to manage cultural differences in a way that focuses on synergies instead of fear and conflict.

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Join IDD Expert Dr. Mai Nguyen to understand cultural neuroscience connections, i.e. those between culture, cultural values, and acculturalisation with genes and brain using an interdisciplinary approach that fosters the potential of a multicultural mind and enables fear-free cross-cultural management.

This session will blend cognitive discussions about key concepts and frameworks with real-world cases and opportunities to consider how you might apply the knowledge and strategies with your clients.


Our After Hours: Around the Table with the Experts series features one or more distinguished faculty and is designed for global peers who want to go deeper to strengthen their own expertise. 

2-HOUR SESSION – APRIL 24 – structured format + in-depth Q&A conversational format*
>> Learn more about the brain and fear-free approaches to cross-cultural management

Dr. Mai Nguyen will introduce you to the fundamentals of neuroscience and cultural neuroscience connections. You will…

  1. Learn how to make the brain work for you to develop a multicultural mind and a fear-free approach to cultural differences,
  2. Reflect upon how you can help others do the same and engage in fear-free cross-cultural management that focuses on synergies instead of conflict, and
  3. Take away relevant materials and tools for use in your own work.
In the first hour, Dr. Nguyen will share her research and insights so that you have a better grasp of the “hard science” behind the topic.

In the second hour, Dr. Nguyen will take participant questions (submitted in advance) to help you address opportunities and challenges in your workplace where applying neuroscience can be of benefit.

A recording will be available for 7 days following the Session.

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Dr. Mai Nguyenis an associate professor at Amsterdam School of International Business where she specialises in cross-cultural management. In addition to PhD in intercultural communication, she has a Master’s degree from King’s College London on Applied Neuroscience and a Master in Educational Science and Curriculum Design from Twente University. 

Mai is widely known for bridging intercultural communication and neuroscience in organizational settings, and making these complex concepts accessible to practitioners in academic and corporate settings alike. 

In addition to two textbooks that are currently used in universities worldwide, Intercultural Communication: When Neurons, Genes, and Evolution Joined the Discourse (Amsterdam University Press) and Cross-Cultural Management with Insights from Brain Science (Routledge), she is an active researcher. 


2-hour Session – Apr 24 – 12-2pm GMT

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