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ΩUli Kühnen & Nadine Binder: Learning Beliefs Across Cultures – Applying Research


31 May 2022 @3-4:30pm GMT

An international student is surprised to learn that the classmates that he considered quite rude with their critical questions directly challenging the professor actually got better grades than he did…

Participants in an intercultural management training are irritated by what to them were “fuzzy” facilitation methods used, and therefore they conclude it was not a proper training…

Join IDD Experts Uli Kühnen, PhD, and Nadine Binder, PhD, to hear more about how experiences like these sparked their scientific investigation into how culture influences different expectations and preferences around teaching and learningUsing insights gleaned from this examination, they have —as a researcher (Uli) and a practitioner (Nadine) respectively— translated their findings into strategies that address different learning beliefs across cultures.

In this 90-minute moderated dialogue session with ample time for questions and discussion,  you will…

  1. better understand the science of what we know and do not (yet) know about how culture shapes different teacher, learner and other stakeholder (parents, clients) expectations around teaching and learning,
  2. learn 3 proven strategies to create learning spaces for culturally diverse groups that are more inclusive to different learning beliefs, and
  3. learn how to design and deliver more inclusive, powerful classes, workshops, and trainings, for diverse groups of learners based on their culturally-informed beliefs applying insights from the research.

Highlighted topics in this Dialogue

  • This research decenters the “East v West” learning styles paradigm to look at differences within and among European learners.
  • By incorporating the topic of learning beliefs across cultures in new student orientations, you can help make classroom culture(s) at your university clearer and help faculty be more aware of this phenomenon—as well as be more explicit on their own learner expectations and assumptions.
  • Beyond higher education settings, apply these insights to adult education and training for clients in corporate, nonprofit and government sectors.

Meet our Experts
Ulrich Kühnen, PhD, is Professor of Psychology at Jacobs University Bremen and Academic Chair at the Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences (BIGSSS). In his research, he investigates how culture affects basic functions of the human mind: How does culture shape the way people tend to define the self? How, in turn, do different kinds of self-constructs affect thinking, feeling, and action-taking? Does the subjective meaning of “choice” differ between cultures? What is the role of religion in interpersonal perception and interaction? Does the Corona pandemic have an impact on the general value orientation in different societies? 

Nadine Binder, PhD, is a psychologist, trainer, coach, and lecturer specializing in intercultural competence and communication, DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion), personal leadership & development, healthy work strategies, and mental health. Her dissertation examined the evidence-based design of intercultural competence interventions and intercultural learning in higher education settings. She is passionate about combining research and practice and encouraging dialogue between researchers and practitioners.

How it works
Our “Dialogues Across Differences” sessions feature two or more Experts who explore intersections of different narratives and perspectives as they engage in a dialogue across different fields, regions, or professions, to address a contemporary issue from the greater Differences field. We invite you to contribute your questions and perspectives to the conversation and discuss with our Experts and your peers from around the world to gain new insights and inspiration for your own work.

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