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ΩProf Annette Gisevius | May 3, 10 & 17, 2022



Annette Gisevius is a master trainer, content designer, certified coach and professor who brings serious fun plus interactive learning methods and creative arts to intercultural competence development for adults and youth. She specializes in lively trainings that use everyday cultural artifacts in innovative ways to make abstract concepts tangible and engage learners in useful daily and lifelong practices.

Having pioneered programs in Germany, Brazil and Malaysia, plus designed and run 12 intercultural trainer certificate courses and collaborated with intercultural gamer Thiagi, Annette’s focus is on cultural awareness, cultural conflict styles and experiential learning in non-classroom settings, as well as civic engagement and service learning abroad. 

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  • Program Design. Developing experience-based programs—from planning to assessment
  • Interactive Play, Art & Games. Learning through non-traditional methods
  • Non Formal Learning. Adult and young adult/teen training and education including for multipliers
  • International Education/Service Learning. Learning support for student exchanges/volunteer mobility

Selected Contributions

  • Is there an Added Value of Virtual Reality Experiences in Service-Learning? February 2021. Discussion with Zorbach, T. at SENSE Center for Civic Engagement and Responsible Management Education’s Rethinking Service-Learning Conference. Online.
  • Caleidoscopio Cards: Picture card sets for training and coaching. 2013 & 2015. Kessels & Smit Publishers, Utrecht. Co-developed with Schmidt-Peter, F. 
  • Interaktive Trainingsmethoden: Thiagis Aktivitäten für berufliches, interkulturelles und politisches Lernen in Gruppen. (German language edition of Interactive training methods: Thiagi’s activities for professional, intercultural and political learning in groups). Volumes I & II. 2013/2019. Wochenschau Verlag. Co-authored with Thiagarajan, S., van den Bergh, S.  
  • Miteinander in multireligiösen Gruppen. Hinweise für Trainer/-innen & Betreuer/-innen. In Toolbox Religion: Interreligiöse Kompetenz für internationale Jugendbegegnungen und Jugendreisen. (German language publication: Together in multi-religious groups. Notes for trainers and supervisors. In Religion Toolbox. Interreligious competence for international youth encounters and youth travel. 2009. IJAB.
  • Baumann, S. & Gisevius, A. (2004). Aktiv im Kunstverein – Strategien zur Arbeit mit Ehrenamtlichen, Wolfenbütteler Akademie-Texte. Wolfenbüttel.
  • Kunstvermittlung – zwischen partizipatorischen Kunstprojekten und interaktiven Kunstaktionen (German language publication: Art mediation – between participatory art projects and interactive art actions.) 2002.
Fun Fact

Has a collection of 100+ rubber ducks for trainings

Favorite After Hours Treat

French Cider (apple cider) and macadamia nuts