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[Webinar] Info Session – 18 Apr:
Leveraging Interdisciplinary Intersections

Still deciding which courses might be right for you this July at the IDD’s 2023 European Developing Across Differences Learning Lab & Community Week in The Netherlands?

Join us for a 45-minute info session with faculty members Dr. Darla Deardorff & Drs. Michaela Carrière on Tuesday, 18 April at 4PM GMT. (See your local time here.)

In addition to details about their classes plus ample time for Q&A, they’ll share how they borrow from multiple Differences narratives Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Anti-Discrimination, Intercultural Communication, and Global Learning — to make their work more impactful and sustainable.

Register below to get Zoom details and join the experts and colleagues online this April …then in-person this July.


Darla Deardorff ADVANCED TECHNIQUES: Fostering Intercultural & Global Competence for Deeper Personal Transformation  –  Darla Deardorff  –  10-11 July  2 days

Dr. Darla K. Deardorff specializes in cross-cultural scholarship and training, assessment and evaluation, teacher/faculty preparation/development, curriculum internationalization, global leadership, and intercultural coaching.  The intercultural competence models developed from her research are widely used by organizations including UNESCO and the OECD. In addition to holding faculty positions at Duke University (US), Nelson Mandela University (South Africa), Meiji University (Japan), Shanghai International Studies University (China), and Harvard University’s Global Education Think Tank (US), she is a prodigious author.

EXPANDING THE REPERTOIRE: Tools and methods that connect the Intercultural and DEI divideDrs. Michaela Carrière 10 July   1 day 

Drs Michaela Carrière is the Intercultural Competence Section Head, Lead Trainer, and Programs Coordinator for the Office of Diversity at the University of Groningen/Rijksuniversitet Groningen. She has established the University’s Intercultural Winter and Summer School programs and initiated several initiatives to support intercultural learning in international student mobility programs.
Michaela is currently developing a university-wide diversity and inclusion certification program. Her research focuses on Intercultural Communication, International Education, and Ethics. Michaela consults with government ministries, NGOs, and other clients in the Netherlands, helping them achieve intercultural competence.

DESIGNING INCLUSIVE, INTERCULTURAL ORGANISATIONS: Implementing structural changes and personal development work for more inclusive, effective organisations Dr. Nagesh Rao, Drs. Michaela Carrière 12-14 July   3 days 

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