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Fontys University & The Centre for Global Inclusion partner with the IDD

Welcome to two new partners for the 19-25 June 2022 Developing Across Differences Learning Lab & Community Week: The Centre for Global Inclusion and Fontys International Business SchoolThe IDD’s European Developing Across Differences event is designed to help Intercultural, DEI and Global Learning practitioners—whether new to the field or long experienced—strengthen their own expertise.


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The Centre for Global Inclusion is home of The Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Benchmarks (GDEIB): Standards for Organizations Around the World. 

Setting the gold standard for benchmarking DEI efforts, the GDEIB helps organizations—from corporations to universities to NGOs and government bodies alike—determine strategy and measure progress in managing diversity and fostering inclusion. 

Join GDEIB co-author and The Centre’s Board Chair and President Alan Richter, Ph.D., plus Executive Director Sudeep Anavancot Mohandas DBA, CPF in Groningen on 23 & 24 June to discuss:

  • How working with 112 expert panellists provides truly global perspectives—without diluting the value of the benchmarks locally.
  • What the different perspectives are on DEI within Europe, and
  • Uptake of the GDEIB in Europe with case studies of how this has helped regional organisations become more inclusive, diverse and equitable.

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Fontys University is one of The Netherlands’ top-ranked applied sciences universities. Thanks to its location on the Dutch-German border , an intercultural experience is baked into the Fontys Venlo University of Applied Sciences International Business School.

And this partnership is one more testament to their ongoing commitment to developing individuals who can thrive with differences: The Business School stands out for its unusually strong commitment to intercultural education: Over three years ago, initiated by then-Dean Bram ten Kate and now carried on by Interim Dean Wouter Josso, it implemented a comprehensive intercultural learning and teaching program. 

They’re now expanding to include growing numbers of students, faculty and staff and, as part of this, are having key multipliers on the project team, led by Fontys’ Manager Centre for International Relations, Culture and Language Education (CIRCLE) Michelle Greene and Coordinator for Intercultural Learning and Teaching Lars Kleinikel join us in Groningen.

We look forward to having faculty and leadership colleagues from Fontys join us for professional development, new cooperations, and much more.

Interested in becoming a partner? To have your team grow their abilities to work across differences and help their students succeed in doing the same, contact us about opportunities at partnerships [at]