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Nadine Binder, PhD, new IDD partner

Nadine Binder IDD collage 220217 

February  1, 2022

We’re delighted to welcome Nadine Binder, PhD, who joins the IDD as a partner

With a background in psychology, intercultural relations and behavior, Nadine brings a wealth of practice and research to the Institute. 

Among other key initiatives, she’ll develop programming and lead our Global Community of Practice to expand and nurture the greater IDD Community.

Nadine has been a lecturer in Cross-cultural Management and intercultural business communication. Her publications include “Teaching Cultural Intelligence for a VUCA World” in the European Journal of Cross-cultural Competence and Management  (2021); “Intercultural Competence in Practice” chapter in Intercultural Competence in Higher Education (eds D. K. Deardorff, A. S. Arasaratnam-Smith, Routledge, 2017); and “Integrating International Students into Tertiary Education Using Intercultural Peer-to-peer Training at Jacobs University Bremen, Germany” in the Journal of Education and Training Studies (2013).

In terms of service to the field, she has held leadership positions with Young SIETAR, served on the Executive Committee of the World Council for Intercultural and Global Competence, and co-leads the Globally Conscious Peacemakers initiative that has members from more than 45 countries. 

Additionally, Nadine is a coach and intercultural trainer with multiple international certifications. 

Welcome and congratulate Nadine at nadine.binder [at]