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IDD + InterCultur = Committed to Excellence Together

The Institute for Developing Across Differences (IDD) and InterCultur gGmbH are pleased to announce that we’re joining forces in a strategic partnership that will provide you with increased access to top quality program offers and experts.

Why are we working together? 
A shared commitment to quality

Both of our organizations are dedicated to excellence in supporting multipliers who work in the greater “bridging across differences” space. In partnering, we’ll provide each other’s stakeholders with more opportunities to connect and grow with program offers that are dedicated to quality. 


How do you benefit? More access, more experts, more programs

InterCultur is known for its train-the-intercultural-trainer programs in which professionals can transform their working understandings of intercultural communication theory into effective culturally-adaptive facilitation skills. For IDD community members, exposure to InterCultur’s T4T programs provides an opportunity to develop or strengthen their core intercultural training qualifications

The IDD serves already active practitioners and scholars, providing them with specialized advanced-level professional development opportunities, not only in the area of intercultural communication, but also in the overlapping-yet-distinct areas of diversity-equity-inclusion, anti-discrimination, and global learning. For InterCultur alumni, access to the IDD offers more chances to deepen their expertise in specific intercultural topics — or expand into new ways of working across differences

How else are we collaborating? 

This is also an opportunity for us to highlight shared resources and expertise: For instance, Professor Annette Gisevius, who is Head of Training at InterCultur, is also an IDD faculty member and advisor. 

She will co-lead a 2-day workshop on Innovative Approaches to Diffusing Cross-Cultural Tensions within Groups on 8-9 July at the IDD’s 3rd Annual European Developing Across Differences Learning Lab & Community Week in The Netherlands. Enrollment is open until May 3rd at

Professor Annette Gisevius

Celebrating our new relationship

“This partnership gives each of our audiences even more access to professional development of the highest quality levels,” said InterCultur CEO Stefanie Stadelmann.
Melissa Liles, Founding Director of the IDD shared, “This alliance demonstrates how both of our organizations are so committed to advancing improved understanding and collaboration across borders, sectors and industries that we put this into practice ourselves. I can’t wait to see what new, creative opportunities it opens up for our respective community members.”

Would you like to discover more about the IDD and InterCultur’s upcoming programs?

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Upcoming 2024 IDD Opportunities

About the Institute for Developing Across Differences:

An interdisciplinary learning center and vibrant professional community established in 2022, the  Institute for Developing Across Differences (IDD) supports those whose work helps people and institutions embrace differences. The Institute offers advanced-level programs, training and peer connection opportunities so that practitioners and scholars in all sectors of the greater differences field can better help the individuals and organizations they work with to more harmoniously transform differences into more effective ways of communicating, working, and prospering together. 

About InterCultur:

Since 2012, InterCultur gGmbH has been offering seminars, training courses and events for organizations, companies, educational institutions and individuals who have a need and interest in developing their understanding of other cultures and improving the way they deal with cultural differences. As a subsidiary of AFS Interkulturelle Begegnungen e. V., InterCultur is part of one of the oldest and largest intercultural exchange organizations in the world.