Institute for Developing Across Differences

[Webinar] Info Session – 23 Feb:
Leveraging Interdisciplinary Intersections

Still deciding which courses might be right for you this July at the IDD’s 2023 European Developing Across Differences Learning Lab & Community Week in The Netherlands?

Join us for a 45-minute info session with faculty members Dr. Jana Hollá & Dr. Nagesh Rao on Thursday, 23 February at 4PM GMT. (See your local time here.)

In addition to details about their classes plus ample time for Q&A, they’ll share how they borrow from multiple Differences narratives Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Anti-Discrimination, Intercultural Communication, and Global Learning — to make their work more impactful and sustainable.

Register below to get Zoom details and join the experts and colleagues online this February …then in-person this July.


INTERSECTIONS: Leveraging connections between key Differences narratives for greater impact: Intercultural Communication; Diversity, Equity & Inclusion; and Global Learning – Dr. Jana Hollá with guest experts   12-14 July  3 days

COACHING ACROSS DIFFERENCES: Incorporating culturally- adaptive coaching into your practice or organisation—what, why and how – Dr. Nagesh Rao  – 10 July   1 day

DESIGNING INCLUSIVE, INTERCULTURAL ORGANISATIONS: Implementing structural changes and personal development work for more inclusive, effective organisations – Dr. Nagesh Rao, Drs. Michaela Carrière – 12-14 July  3 days 

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