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IDD’s Melissa Liles Contributes to New Book for Teacher Educators

It is difficult to underestimate the lifelong influence of our teachers. So those who *teach the teachers* are of paramount importance when it comes to ensuring that education is as outward-looking as it is inward-focused — and demonstrating how the two are inextricably interlinked.

In their new publication, At School in the World: Developing Globally Engaged Teachers, editors Carine Ullom and Nilufer Guler have undertaken the task of not only reasserting the case for global learning but conducting a comprehensive examination of what is working in education preparation programs to advance this approach.

The book combines theory and practice for globalizing education preparation programs with inputs from 47 practitioners and scholars based in different parts of the world. 

Drawing from her experience as the former global Chief Education Officer for AFS Intercultural Programs’s international headquarters and as the founding director of the Institute for Developing Across Differences, Melissa Liles contributed to two chapters:

  •  “Global Competence Education Strategies: A View from Around the World and Considerations for Implementation” and

  • “The Non-Formal Education Sector and Global Competence Education.” 

The publication is a “must read” for teacher educators, teach education designers and administrators, education policymakers and scholars as well as teacher trainees and in-service teachers looking to establish or deepen their own practices.

Here’s what peers are saying about the book:

  • “…[P]rovides a wealth of examples and insights into how global competence is being introduced into teacher education programs around the globes.” — Robert O’Dowd, University of León, Spain

  • “Capturing a delicate balance of pragmatic optimism that is crucial in the field of education, this book makes a timely and important contribution to the burgeoning area of globally oriented education.” — Thatcher Spero, School of International Liberal Studies, Waseda University, Japan

  • “The chapters allow the readers to truly explore the complexity, tensions, and possibilities of building relationships in pursuit of a more just world.” — Netta Avineri, Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, USA

Learn more and pre-order your copy from Rowman & Littlefield Publishers: 

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