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“First, do no harm…” What’s really required? [19 Feb 2024 webinar/info session]

What’s really required for effective Developing Across Differences work?  How do we avoid doing more harm than good when time, circumstances and other considerations are less than ideal?

Join us for a 45-minute conversation on this timely topic + info session with 2024 Developing Across Differences Learning Lab & Community Week faculty members Dr. Maja Nenadović and Dr. Jana Hollá on Monday, 19 February at 5PM CET / 11AM EST.   See your local time here.

Developing across differences (DAD) is an ongoing — lifelong, even — process. Yet we live in a time of quick fixes and check-box solutions.

With this in mind, we ask the experts:

What does it take to have truly meaningful interventions . . . and if and when is the better option to decline an opportunity rather than engage and potentially cause “more harm”?

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This is a recording from the February 19th webinar.


MAJA NENADOVIĆ  A political education, formal debate coach and human rights trainer, Dr. Nenadović has worked for over 20 years with both those who use discriminatory and hate speech rhetoric and those who are targeted by it to create a field-tested methodology for defusing and redirecting inflammatory encounters.

COURSE 1:  (DE)POLARISING DIALOGUE:  Developing practical strategies to defuse polarization and increase impact   –  Dr. Maja Nenadović     10-11 July  2 days

COURSE 2:  ADDRESSING HOT GLOBAL ISSUES LOCALLY: When divisive global events take over local discourses –  Dr. Maja Nenadović     10 July  1 day

JANA HOLLÁ  Having lived and worked internationally for 20+ years in combination with her academic training in Cultural Anthropology, Dr. Jana Hollá assists organizations, teams and individuals to make the most of the differences they encounter.  Her interventions explore the nature of difference, knowledge and learning as a means of developing and transforming individuals, teams and their organizations who seek to build effective and meaningful working relations across cultures and differences. Her clients ranging from SIEMENS and Procter & Gamble to The American University in Cairo and the Goethe Institute.

INTERSECTIONS: Leveraging connections between key Differences narratives for greater impact: Intercultural Communication; Diversity, Equity & Inclusion; and Global Learning – Dr. Jana Hollá with guest experts   10-12 July  3 days

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