Institute for Developing Across Differences

Our fiscal philosophy

Why do we charge fees?

Our Four Guiding Principles 


Outstanding quality 

The IDD is foremost committed to bringing excellence to our participants. To live up to this commitment, we invest significant time in program research and design, supporting experts, measuring outcomes, curating and creating materials, and investing in our team.

Our program fees reflect and honor the value of the work we along with our expert faculty and specialists strive to provide.


Living wages

We perform best and deliver the greatest value and service when basic needs are not only met, but nourished. As such, we are committed to supporting the income security of those who work for and contribute to the IDD.

We charge for our programming so that we can compensate IDD team members fairly. We are transparent with our team and experts about how revenues are shared and what our costs are. Want to know more? Send your request to info [at]


Sustainable finances and healthy growth

We’re working to ensure that as the IDD grows, it does so as a responsible, financially healthy organization. This means a dedicated paid professional team that can spend the time needed to research, design and deliver top-quality programming. This team grows as our offers do.

It also means sharing revenues with project-based experts including faculty and other specialists. And, while we appreciate the generosity of our volunteers, we aim for a decreasing reliance on unpaid volunteers and interns. and


Financial accessibility and inclusion

As important as ensuring financial sustainability in order to keep the IDD viable, we also work to make our programming accessible to a broad range of participants. This includes accommodating different financial realities for our global audience.

We are working to provide different fee options for these realities. For instance, IDD Sessions programming will be offered on four tier levels from which participants can select based on their corresponding situation.

Additionally, we reinvest part of our revenues generated to offer discounts and scholarships in recognition of different financial needs.

If you have special financial circumstances for the IDD to consider, please reach out to us at info [at]