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We’ve enhanced our After Hours Around the Table with the Experts program!

IDD's After Hours: Around the Table with The Experts

Connect, converse and enhance your own expertise. 

The IDD’s After Hours: Around the Table with the Experts are advanced learning opportunities for experienced peers to enhance your own expertise. Connect and have meaningful conversation with top leaders in the field on timely issues.


By connecting in an intimate, intentional community and conversing directly with Expert Faculty whose work impacts yours, you’ll strengthen your own competence and grow your global network. This is your opportunity to get and share insights, request feedback and expand your own knowledge-base and skillset. See additional benefits below.


Our After Hours: Around the Table with the Experts series features one or more distinguished faculty and is designed for global peers like you who want to go deeper into a pertinent issue or topic to strengthen their own knowhow and competence. You can opt to take 1 or 2 Sessions with each Expert:

Advanced Content Briefing

In Session 1 – Advanced Content Briefing the expert faculty member delves into an area of specialization, sharing insights, examples and more with the cohort following a structured session flow.

In some cases, this may be more of a traditional presentation. In others (depending upon the topic and the Expert), there may be hands-on activities in which you’ll have the opportunity to participate actively. 

A small amount of the 75 minute Session 1 is dedicated to Q&A, usually clarifications.  

In-depth Expert Q&A

In Session 2 – In-depth Expert Q&A, we use a more open, conversational learning approach for in-depth discussion with the Expert. 

Based on what has been shared in Session 1, you and peers are given the floor to share your specific questions and views with the Expert. You can ask for ‘workshopping’ help, or ask the Expert to expand on relevant case studies. 

This is also your opportunity to connect with a small group of experienced peers who have shared interest—and whose situations, ideas, and circumstances may inspire your own work.


Typically, you’ll join the Expert(s) and approximately 14 other global peers* who, like you, are passionate, curious and committed to challenging themselves and strengthening their practice. Our After Hours participants have at least five years of field experience and are interested in substantive dialogue with those whose work they find relevant.

*IDD Global Peers include trainers, educators, consultants, coaches, researchers, scholars, equity specialists, facilitators, HR staff and professional development experts, whether working in companies, classrooms, civil society organizations, governments, local communities or wherever else Differences are present. 

No matter your geography, sector or how you came to the field, we welcome you. >> Meet an IDD Global Peer.

  • Get insights directly from Expert Faculty on topics that can help you better do the work of helping people, organizations and communities develop across Differences.
  • Connect directly with the Expert Faculty in an intentional community to share and gain insights, request inputs, and help collectively improve the Differences state of the art.
  • Gain new perspectives by discovering how Experts and colleagues from different fields and contexts approach their work.
  • Incorporate new methods, content and activities within your own practices as you grow your repertoire.
  • Expand your global (and local) network with those who share your interests and concerns, interacting with peers from around the world.
  • Build out your toolkit with additional materials. As a part of the After Hours program, our IDD Expert Faculty will prepare a custom list of resources for you that is based on your discussions and intended to help you in your ongoing work.

Session 1 dives into a Focused Topic based on an area of the Expert’s specialization that they share using a structured format for an Advanced Content Briefing. 

Session 2 uses a less formal conversational learning format as your opportunity for In-Depth Q&A and Case Study sharing with the Expert and fellow experienced peers. 

Participants in Session 2 must be familiar with the topic content in order to take part in it and therefore are strongly encouraged to have participated previously in Session 1. However, if you feel that you have in-depth knowledge on the topic already, get in touch with us at info [at] to confirm that you qualify for signing up for Session 2 only.

Please note that each session is 75 minutes long.

Our participants are experienced (5+ years) individuals from around the world who are working to help others develop across differences. Like you, they are passionate, curious and committed to challenging themselves and deepening their practice and expertise.

All After Hours participants are at a mid-career or greater level, i.e. have at least five years of field experience and are interested in substantive dialogue with those whose work they find relevant. For our colleagues who are still new to the IDD’s areas of focus, other IDD learning opportunities will be available in the near future.

Yes — we welcome you to join any of our Expert Faculty for their Sessions!

Our programs are intimate by design. There are typically more global peers in Session 1 than in Session 2. Depending on the Expert, we may cap Session 2 to 15 (or fewer) participants.  This allows for meaningful dialogue among each cohort. 

Attending both sessions ensures you get the most from the After Hours program. Session 1 allows you to dive deep into the content with our Expert; Session 2 is your chance to ask your own in-depth questions and learn from additional specific case studies as well as to connect with peers around the world experiencing situations that may help inspire and inform your own. 

We also offer a 10% discount on tuition if you sign up for both Sessions 1 and 2 in one booking.

You can register for only one session, although we strongly recommend attending both as this allows you to get the most from the After Hours program.

If you do register for Session 1 only, you always have the option afterward to return and register for Session 2 on shorter notice. 

In general, we discourage you from registering for Session 2 only: Instead, we find that first attending Session 1 ensures that the Session 2 cohort shares a solid, common foundation of knowledge on the topic.

However, if you have previously participated in a session on the same topic with our Expert(s) or feel that you have otherwise acquired in-depth knowledge on the topic already, get in touch with us at info [at] to confirm that you qualify for signing up for Session 2 only. 

Yes, we would be delighted to have you join Session 2. A slight discount is available for all those who have attended Session 1 and later register for Session 2.

If you do not see dates/times that work for you, please let us know and we will work to accommodate your request.

We offer different pricing options for different financial realities. This is in line with our commitment to keeping sessions as affordable as possible to support the IDD’s principle of financial accessibility and inclusion — while also honoring our commitment to outstanding quality, living wages for our Experts and team, and sustainable finances and healthy growth.

As important as ensuring financial sustainability is in order to keep the IDD viable, we continue to work to make our programming accessible to a broad range of participants. This includes accommodating different financial realities for our global audience through our four tier levels from which participants can select based on their corresponding situation.

To learn more, read about our fiscal philosophy and reach out to us at info [at] if you have special financial circumstances for the IDD to consider.

The After Hours program is a professional development program and an investment in improving your own expertise and practice. The tuition amount varies based on the featured Expert faculty member.

We recommend using your institution/organization’s training or ongoing learning budget to cover the costs of the learning opportunity. We are happy to provide itemized invoices upon request.

Yes. You will receive a customized list of thoughtfully curated resources prepared by the IDD Expert Faculty member for you based on your After Hours Session(s).

Experts may also provide resources and (optional) materials and assignments before and between sessions.

Yes — our skilled IDD Facilitators work with the Expert Faculty and you to create a constructive learning experience. 

The IDD features world-renowned leaders —both scholars and practitioners, established and emerging alike — from the areas of intercultural communications, global competence, diversity-equity-inclusion, and global learning/active global citizenship education. Our website is kept up to date with the Experts active in the program. 

Have a suggestion for someone you’d like to learn from and with? Let us know at info [at]

Although the After Hours programming is initially in English, to be more accessible and inclusive, we aim to expand this to different languages based on your requests. Please let us know if you’d like to take part in Sessions in languages other than English.
Regrettably, we are unable to offer substitute sessions so we encourage you to attend the Sessions you have enrolled in and been registered for.

To get the most benefit from the sessions, we strongly recommend to join the full sessions live to interact and discuss with our Expert and your peers. Yet we know that life can get in the way and interfere with our commitments, which is why we offer 7-day access to the session recordings for registered participants.

To be respectful of you, the Expert Faculty and our colleagues, this option is not available.

We make every reasonable effort to ensure your question is addressed directly by the Expert in Session 2 and/or through follow up materials or feedback that they provide following Session 2.